A premier non-profit foundation with a strong perception of the core brand was using a fractured brand hierarchy and visual elements that lacked cohesion and creative finesse.

As a foundational project in my first six months at the organization, I initiated and led a complete rebranding of the foundation. Working with internal staff leadership and our agency partner, I developed an overall brand strategy that includes brand hierarchy, vision and values statements, brand attributes, and visual branding elements

The result is a strategically and visually unified brand system that will help build brand equity across all sub-brands and programs and will help clearly convey the mission of the foundation.

WFM Brand Manual Cover
Women’s Foundation Brand Manual

Written by Lisa Jordan

Creating "something from nothing" is what I love to do best. I've had the good fortune to lead brand transformations for premier organizations including the largest privately held wireless carrier in the US, law firm with Fortune 100 and international clients, and a leading non-profit foundation. Mostly recently, I have applied my corporate branding and marketing strategy experience to the nonprofit sector with the desire and objective of making a shift to work more directly in giving back to people and communities. For the previous nine years, I led the brand development, marketing, and growth strategy efforts for the largest privately held wireless carrier in the U.S. I have extensive expertise in building strategic plans and developing strong teams that have driven significant change, results, and progress in a highly competitive industry. In my spare time, you'll find me on a hiking trail and enjoying the Colorado outdoors with my spouse and our four mutts.

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